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Thursday, December 04, 2008


Christmas Goodies

Sunday, September 07, 2008


Governor/VP Sarah Palin Gear Flying Off the Shelves!


| Sarah
Palin Button
| Sarah
Palin Mug
| Sarah
Palin Golf Shirt
| Sarah
Palin Fitted Tee
| Sarah
Palin Hoodie
| Sarah
Palin Baseball Jersey
| Sarah
Palin Woman's Ringer T-Shirt
| Sarah
Palin Long Sleeve T-Shirt
| Sarah
Palin Maternity Shirt
| Sarah
Palin Thong
| Sarah
Palin Track Suit Jogging Outfit
| Sarah
Palin Value T-Shirt
| Sarah
Palin V-Neck T-Shirt
| Sarah
Palin Baby Bib
| Sarah
Palin Infant Outfit Onesie
| Sarah
Palin Kids Hoodie
| Sarah
Palin Kids Sweatshirt

Sarah Palin is the governor of Alaska and the Republican vice-presidential nominee in the 2008 United States presidential election, and sales for Sarah Palin and/or McCain-Palin Gear are flying off the shelves!

Get your Sarah Palin Gear HERE!

Palin was born Sarah Louise Heath in Sandpoint, Idaho, the third of four children of Sarah Heath, a school secretary, and Charles R. Heath, a science teacher and track coach. Her family moved to Alaska when she was an infant. As a child, she would sometimes go moose hunting with her father before school, and the family regularly ran 5km and 10km races.

Palin attended Wasilla High School in Wasilla, Alaska, where she was the head of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes chapter at the school, and the point guard and captain of the school's basketball team. She helped the team win the Alaska small-school basketball championship in 1982, hitting a critical free throw in the last seconds of the game, despite having an ankle stress fracture. She earned the nickname "Sarah Barracuda" because of her intense play, and was the leader of the team prayer before games.

In 1984, Palin won the Miss Wasilla Pageant, then finished second in the Miss Alaska pageant, at which she won a college scholarship and the "Miss Congeniality" award. Palin admits to smoking marijuana as a youth, during the time Alaska had decriminalized possession, though she says she did not enjoy it.

Palin spent her first college semester at Hawaii Pacific College, transferring in 1983 to North Idaho College and then to the University of Idaho. She attended Matanuska-Susitna College in Alaska for one term, returning to the University of Idaho to complete her Bachelor of Science degree in communications-journalism, graduating in 1987.

In 1988, she worked as a sports reporter for KTUU-TV in Anchorage, Alaska. She also helped in her husband’s family commercial fishing business.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Featured T-Shirt Designs at Vitalfinds

The tile images below represent some of the designs available in my Vitalfinds Cafepress store. All of these designs are available on t-shirts, magnets, mouse pads, golf shirts, tile boxes, tile coasters (as shown), tank tops, hoodies, BBQ aprons, buttons, coffee mugs, hats and more. Just click on any tile image to see the complete selection of items available for that particular design.

Mermaid Wish Tile CoasterGuardian Angel Tile CoasterMermaid Mom Tile CoasterMermaid Grid Tile CoasterYes We Can Drill Here Now Tile CoasterDrill! (for oil) Tile CoasterDrill Here Now 105 Tile CoasterOil Lubricating the Economy Tile CoasterBreast Exam Tile CoasterShear Attitude Tile CoasterReminder Memo Tile CoasterFiled Friends Tile CoasterBriefcase Tile CoasterPink Tulips Tile CoasterAnti-Change Tile CoasterPresidential Election 2008 Tile CoasterBrewsky Toast Tile CoasterFlorida Rocks Flamingo Tile CoasterToothy Smiley Face Tile CoasterRufas the Cat Tile CoasterBaseball Pitcher Tile CoasterCrying Baby Tile CoasterShape City Tile CoasterElectrician Logo Tile CoasterCoffee Break Tile CoasterOverachiever Tile CoasterMen in Black Tile CoasterChairperson Tile CoasterBusiness Woman Silhouette Tile CoasterBoth Ways Barack Tile CoasterWaiting for My Ship Tile CoasterSave the Whales Tile CoasterCheerleading Silhouette Tile CoasterBad Mood Bear Tile CoasterKOI Goldfish Tile CoasterBroken Tape Cassette Tile CoasterCard King Tile CoasterBrush Your Teeth Tile CoasterOne Cool Cat Tile CoasterAlligator Baby Tile CoasterRelaxing Turtle Tile CoasterGecko Tile CoasterCavemanCan Tile CoasterMcCain University Tile CoasterSouthwest Symbol Tile CoasterUgly Duckling Tile CoasterElephant Tile CoasterHorse by Committee Tile CoasterGiraffe Roll Call Tile CoasterBig Brown & Friends Tile CoasterBlue Bicolor Ragdoll Cat Tile CoasterSoccer Tile CoasterPatriotic Christmas Angels Tile CoasterPlum Purple Flowers Tile CoasterRosetta Tile CoasterFace Cards Tile CoasterVintage Jump Rope Tile CoasterLady Bug Grid Tile CoasterSong Bird Tile CoasterRetro Carpenter Tile Coaster


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